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County Selection
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Calling all Cheshire archers I’m pleased to announce that there is now a new county squad selection process being put in place for place for 2023 along side the all new Cheshire rankings ! Open to all archers in Cheshire Any questions please contact my self via e-mail me on cheshirescores@yahoo.com James Cornford The Cheshire Selection Team invite you to Register for Cheshire Squad Selection and Cheshire Rankings 2023 Please complete this form with your contact information and details of you as an Archer.
County Selection
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Page Updated: 23rd March, 2023
Many Thanks, Cheshire Selection Team Click on the buttons below for more information associated with County Shooting and the Online Submission Forms
Capturing these details will make filling in your score submissions much, quicker going forward. If submitting on behalf of a Junior, please use your (parent) Email and Mobile No. you will be asked to confirm this. Do Not include any Junior Contact information.
5 scores will be required for the Rankings, Via Ranking Submission Form. You can submit as may scores as you like, the average of your top 5 scores being used to calculate the List. This will then be published on a regular basis. 3 scores will be required to be considered for selection, via Selection Submission Form. If you don’t have the minimum number of Scores, Please still submit what you have!!