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Tips on Claiming County Records. Unlike National Records, our County Record claims are not restricted to scores shot at Record Status Tournaments. However, scores will only be eligible if they are shot at an officially recognised tournament where more than one club is present and GNAS/Archery GB tournament Rules are observed. Rounds eligible for County Records are based on those eligible for British National Records. Claimants should consult the current Records on the Cheshire Archery Association website for a complete list of rounds that can be considered for County Records. The same rules as laid down for National Records will apply to County Records in respect of nested rounds and single rounds shot as part of double rounds. (See GNAS/AGB Rules of Shooting. Particular examples are as follows: 1 . Where double rounds are shot i.e. the Double Portsmouth, the double round itself may be claimed but, only the first round shot can be claimed as a record for the single Portsmouth. 2 . Where the Ladies and Gents FITA’s are shot on one day the Long Metric and the Short Metric rounds cannot be claimed as records. To claim a record for a Long Metric or a Short Metric these rounds must be shot as rounds in their own right. When claiming records please put the complete round name. 1. For Clout rounds this should include the distance shot. 2. For Field rounds this should include the peg colour. Under 18’s must shoot the round appropriate to their gender and age. Over 18’s may not claim Junior round records. Unless an official result sheet can be provided. Please use separate forms for each Record claimed. It has been decided (since 2014 - with no backdated claims) that scores that equal current Records will be accepted and will be listed in addition to the original claim. This is not necessarily a method found anywhere else but as scores get higher and in some cases (eg. Compound Indoor) near perfect it seems fair to recognise these as achievments in their own right. The New Names for Metric Rounds We have not yet renamed any of the Metric rounds to take into account that FITA has rebranded itself as World Archery. No doubt this will come about but at the moment many archers, and tournament organisers, are still using the old FITA names in relation to the metric rounds so we will stick to thesefor the time being. Whatever you call them on your claim form we will be able to work it out so don’t worry too much about this. To sum up. The Records have been produced as .pdf files and the most recently broken records are highlighted - yellow for Target and Clout and green for Field. Updating the Records is not always as easy at it looks so if you find an error I would be grateful if you could let me know and I will do my best to put it right as soon as possible. As you can see from the gaps in the attached files there are still many records just waiting to be broken by someone. That someone could be you. If you shoot a score that fulfills the criteria for a County Record, don’t be shy, send it to me. If a record already exists, use it as an incentive, you only need to improve a score by one point for your score to become a Record. Good shooting and good luck Ann Shepherd Cheshire Archery Association Records Officer
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